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About Specialty Loose Leaf

Specialty Loose Leaf's Holyoke, Massachusetts facility
Specialty's Holyoke, Massachusetts Facility

Continuing a tradition that exceeds 100 years of binder manufacturing in our Holyoke, Massachusetts facility, Specialty Loose Leaf has integrated old world values with new world innovation.

Specialty Loose Leaf's company philosophy centers around valuing every customer and always meeting (and usually exceeding) their expectations in cost, quality, and delivery has always been simple, and has proved to be very successful.

With this philosophy, Specialty Loose Leaf has achieved some of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.

Another reason Specialty Loose Leaf has been so successful for years is the integration of ring metal fabrication capabilities into its production mix. This ability to produce customized rings in-house has given Specialty Loose Leaf a large advantage over the rest of the industry (99% of whom do not have in-house ring fabrication abilities) in cost, turn-around time, and customizing abilities.

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