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Invitation Binders

Elegant, distinctive, unique, beautiful, timeless......

These are just a few words describing your products. Why should you expect anything less from the presentation binders in which you choose to showcase them?

Specialty Loose Leaf offers an extensive line of products to suit your needs. Invitation binders, portfolio binders, social stationery albums, reference binders, easel binders, clam shell display boxes and greeting card journals are among the items we manufacture, right here in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Our Company can provide you with binders made with ANY ring metal available on the market. If you have an existing binder style, we can duplicate it. If you would prefer to start anew, our design team will help you put together a presentation that will properly highlight your company and products using a vast array of decorating techniques such as foil stamping, silk screening, litho printing, drop-ins, embossing and debossing, to name a few.

Unique to our binders is a custom-made, locking metal, which is designed to lock your pages in securely while reducing sheet tear. Our patented, custom designed sheet lifter kits also afford added protection against sheet tear.

We offer round, elliptical and trapezoidal rings in numerous capacities and for various sheet sizes. The trapezoid ring gives the added benefit of saving shelf space! Please contact us for a full list of specifications and applications for these custom rings made in the USA.

So, whatever style you choose, our manufacturing methods and raw material sourcing combined with our use of only the finest components available will leave you with a beautiful product, constructed to stand the test of time.