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Loose Leaf Binders

Ring Binders

Ring Binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

Specialty Loose Leaf offers the widest variety of high quality loose leaf ring binders on the market today. From standard 3-ring binders in all styles, sheet sizes and capacities to unique binding mechanisms that fit your exact needs, Specialty Loose Leaf will design and produce the loose leaf product that suits you to a "T".

Custom Binders

Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

We take customizing a step further than just decorating. In addition to virtually all custom decorating techniques, Specialty Loose Leaf can also create custom packaging solutions to meet your own specific custom marketing objectives.

Curved spines that mold comfortably to your hand; easel binders that create unique table top displays and training pieces; lock booster mechanisms that enable rings to close tightly and securely; arch ring mechanisms that blend the ease of loose leaf filling and the permanence of post binder archive storage.

From the most intricate display boxes to the most basic loose leaf product, our staff is ready to perform creative wonders for you.

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Case Made/Turned Edge Binders

Case Made, Turned Edge, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

The finest products on the market today are case made (or turned edge) in which cloth or paper is glued and wrapped over a sturdy board to create a cover of unmatched elegance and durability.

Our case made products are "library quality" and are designed to withstand the most demanding usage environments. Cover materials can be matched to hundreds of colors and are available in a multitude of finishes and embossing patterns that can be beautifully decorated with your custom graphics.

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Poly Binders

poly binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

An extremely durable and economical extruded single sheet ideal for industrial use in virtually all loose leaf products. We score the sheet, decorate it and rivet the ring mechanism into place to create a "work environment" storage unit of unlimited endurance.

When utilized in conjunction with our unique large capacity mechanisms and accessories (handles, easels, lock boosters, etc.), this style offers a heavy duty binder that will endure the heaviest usage applications.

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Vinyl Binders

vinyl binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

When economy and versatility are desired, vinyl can be the answer. Available in a large selection of styles and colors to create the image you seek, vinyl products can be customized with a wide variety of decoration techniques -- silk screening, foil stamping, applique, embossing/debossing (please refer to binder terminology for descriptions).

Vinyl is a versatile material that can be used on virtually all loose leaf products from binders and pad holders to boxes and custom engineered products.

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Litho and 4-Color* Printed Binders

litho and 4-color printed binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

Conventional methods of decorating ring binders included silk screening and foil stamping. Specialty Loose Leaf offers litho & 4-color printed covers for those products that require high resolution, photograph reproduction.

*4-Color printing requires a minimum order of $3000.

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Multiple Ring Binders

Multiple Ring Binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

Standard 3 ring mechanisms sometimes are not enough to prevent sheet tear and loss of pages. Specialty Loose Leaf offers a variety of STANDARD, multiple ring mechanisms, from light duty 4 ring memo binder mechanisms to heavy duty 7 ring, locking ring metals.

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Compression/Pull Ring Binders

Compression/Pull Ring Binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

This style binder (also known as a "pull ring") has been a traditional and durable performer in the Legal and Tax Publishing markets where permanent, expandable storage of important data is required.

Heavy posts keep sheets permanently in place and the binder can expand to allow updated material to be added to the original contents. This product can be produced quickly since we manufacture the mechanisms in house.

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Easel Binders

Easel Binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

Easel binders are free-standing and great for presentations and displays. Specialty Loose Leaf can create your custom easel binder to display in portrait or landscape orientation.

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Leather Binders

Leather Binders, Binders, Custom Binders, Custom Packaging

For those who insist on the best, we can manufacture your binders with a broad range of the highest quality genuine and bonded leather materials. Make a statement about your binders!

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