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Binder Mechanisms

At Specialty Loose Leaf we offer the widest variety of rings available on the market today. In addition, we are the only U.S. ring binder manufacturer capable of producing ring metals domestically.

The result?

You are introduced to the type of mechanism best suited for your binder's intended usage; not just "what is presently available" to other manufacturers.

When you place an order with Specialty Loose Leaf you can be assured that your binder will not just open and close - it will perform.

Common Ring Types:

Most importantly, since we manufacture many of our own metals we can meet demanding lead times that normally would require lengthy shipping times from foreign suppliers. Our supply meets your demand!

All rings listed on this page can be used with turned edge, vinyl or poly binders.

Round Rings

binder mechanisms The most commonly used mechanisms, offering the easiest page-turn and accessibility. Available in a variety of capacities from 5/8" to 3". Also available to accommodate a wide array of sheet sizes and with a number of rings with or without boosters or locking mechanisms.

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binder mechanisms A standard ring among users that require slightly more capacity where page-turn is not a major concern. Can easily decorate on the spine or back bone since the D ring mechanism is riveted to the back cover. Slanted D rings allow index tabs to be more readable since the text is indexed. Available in most standard sheet sizes and capacities.

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binder mechanisms A uniquely styled ring that stores large quantities while maintaining a manageable spine width when shelf space is limited.

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binder mechanisms Similar functionally and visually to the trapezoid ring, pages turn slightly easier with this style since there are no restricting angles. Excellent for large capacity storage.

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Lock Booster

binder mechanisms The premium locking mechanism today, this feature is available in single or double applications. Prevents ring gapping and sheet loss. A significant improvement on the double open-close booster found on most conventional ring binders.

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Arch Ring

binder mechanisms An innovation that combines the performance of post-binder archiving with the ease of loose leaf updating. This mechanism opens and closes easily allowing for updating throughout the text, regardless of capacity. Unlike conventional post binders, this style can be viewed in a "lay flat" position. Our 5" capacity arch ring binder holds over 1,200 sheets of paper.

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Metal Hinge

binder mechanisms Also called "Piano Hinge" this style is ideal for applications requiring extremely heavy usage. Heavy duty metal hinges take the brunt of frequent opening and closings, guaranteeing unlimited flex strength. No more fabric hinges wearing out from frequent use after a couple of years - this style is built to last forever. Primarily used for industrial strength storage and frequent updating/referencing.

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Post Mechanisms

binder mechanisms Expandable and fixed capacity posts make for secure, permanent record storage. Compression lock, screw post, arch ring, expanding spine and other styles are available.

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